Joey Burzynski - SEO Expert | Founder & CTO

Joey Burzynski - SEO Expert | Founder & CTO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Miami Beach, Florida, he/him


SEO expert, full-stack developer, technophile.

Founder & CTO of MarketKarma in Miami Beach, Florida.



Smart link management platform with advanced features for URL shortening, targeting, and tracking


Cloud-based technical SEO audit and site reporting tools

Side Projects


Codementor is the largest community for developer mentorship and an on-demand marketplace for software developers.

Work Experience

2012 — Now
Miami, Florida

Head of SEO strategy for all enterprise accounts. Leading brands rely on our technology to manage their organic search presence, allowing them to extend their catalog and improve their visibility online. The results are clear: higher rankings, more traffic, and ultimately — more revenue.

Notable clients: Censys, DistroMex, Eddie Bauer, GiftCardMall, Gold's Gym, GUESS, Livingston Lures, Marciano, Mavis Tire, Mordor Intelligence, PacSun, ResumeSpice, Ritter Dental, Sacha Cosmetics, ShearComfort, Swanson Health

• Global lead for organic search strategy (SEO) and technical SEO for enterprise accounts.
• Lead software architect in MarketReach (SaaS) platform development.

2011 — 2017
Miami, Florida

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2008 — 2011
Dallas, Texas

Served as global lead for organic search (SEO) strategy and business development for all enterprise accounts.

Notable clients: Ace Cash Express, Athleta, Banana Republic, Blockbuster, Buckle, CheapCaribbean, Diesel, Ebates, Fossil, Gap, Horchow, JCPenney, Old Navy, Oriental Trading Company, Piperlime, Red Envelope, Sacha Cosmetics, Smart Bargains, Williams-Sonoma

• Served as global head of SEO (technical SEO, platform development, and organic search strategy) for all enterprise accounts.
• Generated over $150M annually for clients directly via implementation of organic search strategies.
• Generated over $5M in new annual revenues for SearchDex through program expansion and client acquisition.

2007 — 2008
Dallas, Texas

Served as SEO lead on the JCPenney account, encompassing technical SEO, platform development, and organic search strategy.

• Negotiated a 300% increase in annual client billings for SearchDex.
• Architected a virtual taxonomy publishing strategy that allowed for algorithmic expansion (40X) of indexable, content-centric category pages
• Increased annual revenue directly attributable to organic search from $20M to $100M.

2004 — 2006
Director, Organic Search Strategy at Intertropolis
Dublin, Ireland

Architected software solution to automate publishing of niche content monetized through Google AdSense.

Upon selection of seed topic and query, our solution was capable of rapid assembly (research, optimize, generate, and deploy) of search optimized web properties with contextually relevant content.

• Generated over $2M annually in AdSense revenue



Learn How to Bootstrap
Master the art of bootstrapping. Capital is oxygen, and nothing suffocates a venture faster than its absence. Bootstrapping—forgoing outside investment in favor of personal savings and revenue—is more than an exercise in fiscal discipline; it’s a master class in entrepreneurial asceticism. This austerity disciplines you to prioritize essentials, resulting in a leaner, more agile business model. – Joey Burzynski, MarketKarma


Leverage Decentralized Computing
Decentralized computing distributes computational tasks across a network. This can extend a device’s lifespan by reducing wear and tear on individual hardware. This approach not only enhances performance, but also minimizes heat and mechanical stress, which are critical factors in determining a device’s longevity. Older, less powerful devices can have extended functional life by tapping into collective network power. - Joey Burzynski, MarketKarma


Learn To Code
Even as I watch AI transform the notion of "work," I remain a strong advocate for learning to code. Code serves as the lingua franca of the AI revolution, acting as a modern-day superpower that enhances an individual's capacity to create, innovate and prosper. Coding nurtures a mindset grounded in logic, critical thinking and problem-solving through the syntax and grammar underpinning it all. It fosters a distinctive way of thinking deeply rooted in these intellectual skills. Achieving fluency in code leads to a more profound understanding of AI's true potential and the countless ways it can be harnessed for transformative change. - Joey Burzynski, MarketKarma


Challenge Yourself To Also Teach Others
One effective technique for mastering a new skill is to challenge yourself to teach it to others. In doing so, you’re forced to break the material down into its component parts and internalize the concepts while simultaneously identifying gaps in your own understanding. Scaffolding your knowledge in this way often leads to a deeper level of understanding and mastery.


Artificial Intelligence
There is a growing demand for people who understand artificial intelligence. Even a basic understanding of AI can accelerate your career in tech and position you as a valuable asset to any company. The supply of people with AI knowledge is still relatively low, but demand is growing exponentially. The AI skills most in demand are machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing.


A simple, reasonable way to make sites look good on most displays.


A Content Marketer’s Tips for Quality Blogging




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